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About Tyler

Tyler was born and raised in Campbellsville, Ky.  He started playing golf at an early age and competeted in many local golf tours throughout his young career.  He started playing on his high school golf team in 5th grade, and was a 8 year letterman.  After high school, he chose to attend the University of Kentucky.  While there, he met his wife, who introduced him to the field of Kinesiology. 


During this time he started personal training and getting more involved in the fitness world.  While living with current PGA Tour player, J.B. Holmes, he found out about golf specific trainers and the Titleist Performance Institute which was gaining credibility amoung elite golfers.  Tyler decided to put his main focus of fitness into something he loved, golf.  In 2008, he attended his first TPI certification course.  Later that year he graduated from the Kinesiology/Exercise Science program and went on to obtain the next two levels in the TPI program.


After a couple of years training in gyms, Tyler was introduced to Matt Killen who is the swing coach for multiple PGA Tour players; Kenny Perry, Josh Teater, and J.B. Holmes.  Tyler started a workout regiment for Teater and later did some work with Holmes in Florida.  This led Matt to see the benifit of specific fitness training for his players, who is also TPI level 1 certified.  Matt then had Tyler come to Bowling Green, Ky to work with him at Olde-Stone to better help all his clients.  While not new to golf, Tyler spent free time learning more about the golf swing from Killen.  After a year of shadowing, Tyler began to teach many players, as well as train them.

Currently Tyler has been working with golfers for over 9 years.   He can be found on the lesson tee teaching all skill levels of players, working on his long drive, or in the gym training.

            Long Drive


Matt put Tyler to the test in 2011.  He wanted to see how well Tyler could train a golfer and how much speed could they add, and in what period.  So Tyler started his program and began hitting drives tracking speed and distance on Trackman.  In four short months Tyler had taken himself from a very respectable 118 club head speed to 145 club head speed! (PGA Tour average is 113)  After seeing this and looking into long drive competitions Tyler began to compete in national events.  He still continues to practice and train, seeing what the body's limits are.



Interested in feeling better and playing better golf?  Set up a time to get started on your personal golf fitness plan.  Each persons plan is different, but starts with a simple range of motion and flexibilty portion.  Next, we progress into stabilization and functional movements before adding in the strength componenet.  Finally, it is onto power, so we can get you swinging easier, yet hitting the ball further than before.


Walk off the golf course feeling better than you did on the 1st tee.  Don't let body aches slow down something you enjoy!

            Golf Lessons


Not sure where to start?  If you have been struggling with the same issues for years, or new to the game you deserve to take your game to the next level.  Set up a lesson for the best golf lesson in Kentucky.


Chipping an issue?  We also focus on improving the short game.  Around the greens are where you make or break your round!


Putting costing you from shooting your low scores?  Whether it is a lack of green reading, or a faulty stroke, set up some time to drop your scores immediately.

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