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GOLF fitness has been on the scene for many years now, but can still be unclear as to what it is.  Our golf fitness program is made up of 4 different parts; a pyramid helping you become the best athlete you can be. (Flexibility, stability/mobility, strength, power)

Whether you're looking to hit the ball further, change how your body feels and performs on and off the course, or drop unwanted weight, we have a program just for you! 


                                              The KEY to a great golf fitness program is stepping stones. 


Evaluation - this is a series of flexibility, muscle activation, functional movement, strength, and power test to establish your baseline.


Rehab - here we start to make your body work properly again.  Addressing each issue and relearning how to use the muscle.  Through daily living, we shut down certain parts of our body's and start compensating using other muscles not designed for the job


Functional/Golf Specific - now that the body is turned back on, lets start to train it to fire on all cylinders SPECIFICALLY for golf.


Strength/Power - by now the body is moving correctly and learning how we want it to function so we add in strength while maintaining all the new mobility and stability we have created.

                       ONLINE PROGRAMS ARE AVAILABLE

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