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Current and Previous Clients

Today, there are multiple certified trainers who claim to specialize in golf fitness.  It can become overwelming to find a suitable trainer.  Through years of dedication, Tyler has built an impressive resume of clients.  Not every player is on a professional tour, in fact Tyler's daily clients are local amateurs who just want to feel better after a round of golf.  Don't trust your health and golf game to just anyone.  

Justin Thomas

5 Victories

Main focus maintaining the body.  With all the power Justin creates, it is my job to make sure he is always at the top of his game physcially.  We are also implementing some speed and power work while he is on and off the road.  

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Main focus:  I have worked with KP on and off again since 2011.  We first worked on flexibility, stability, and mobility.  Once he had a good base built, I started adding in more strength and power to work on his club head speed.  We made great progress and he gained over 5 mph of club head speed.  Our next go around he had lost some of his rotation in his backswing, so we started different range of motion and strengthen exercises to improve.  In a few short weeks he had the largest shoulder turn of any Tour player I have worked with.

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I worked with J. B. early on in both our careers.  I flew down to his home in Florida for a few weeks multiple times and set up programs for him to follow since I couldn't be there full time.

Main Focus:  wide range of programs covered many different things.  We went through some rehab and recovery, worked on mobility, staminia, high intensity, endurance, and touched a bit on power.  Lets face it, power he already has covered.

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Teater was probably my first tour client.  At the time, we both lived in Lexington and he made visits over to my facility when he was not on the road.  I currently still do some work with Teater through videos while he is out on the road.

Main focus:  specific body impingments and trouble areas, a lot of mobility, stabilization and muscle engagement.

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I first went out to the John Deere to meet with Blake.  I evaluated him and gave him a program to follow. Fast forward to the current and from his medical return from surgery we picked up with a more extensive program.

Main focus:  eliminate pains, work through range of motions, high intensity workouts to improve stability, mobility and power.  I have our baseline numbers for his speed, but have yet to check his current status.

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