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Change your game
Parsons Golf Performance 
Proven with PGA Tour players to increase your club head speed

Tyler is a teaching professional and certified TPI golf fitness who works with you on improving your golf game by combining biomechanics and kinematics of the body and the swing.  A very complex series of events he simplies and breaks down while using the latest technology.  


Tyler's approach to your golf game is unique because he is one of few professionals with a background in both SWING and BODY.  This allows him to view your swing during your golf lesson from multiple aspects; traditional video, physical limitations that can stop the body from doing proper mechanics, and state of the art technology (Trackman and BodiTrak balance plate).  Using these three areas, he can quickly diagnose the problem and fix the issue. 


With his understanding of the body's biomechanics, Tyler can build a golf swing that will not only make you play better, but is easy to repeat making the game more enjoyable!

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950 Village Way, Bowling Green Ky 42103

Telephone: 270-469-5890

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