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The evaluation is set up so Tyler knows exactly where to start your custom program.  During the screen, we test your flexibility, stability, mobility, range of motion, strength, and power. As no two golfers are alike, your program shouldn't be either.  Once assessed, we can see what needs the most attention and start our road to improvement!


The evaluation is based off the Titleist Performance Institute level 3 fitness screen with added test to get you the best results.  The evaluation usually takes between 45-60 minutes.  Once finished, you will receive an email of all your results explaining where you scored, why it is important to your golf game and a range as it compares to tour players.


While Tyler prefers to do his own testing, we do not want this to keep you from working with Tyler.  Feel free to get screened and pass along your results.  From there Tyler can start working with you over the phone, through email, or like many of his tour clients through videos.


Program Design

The next step after the evaluation is putting a plan in motion to improve.  There are different opinions built to suit your busy lifestyle the best.   Not sure which is best for you?  Tyler has years of experience making plans for traveling tour players and can adapt a plan. 

One on one training: let Tyler worry about all the details, you show up and put in the work.

Video Programsif you want a program but live too far to stop in, constantly travel, or simply feel you can do it on your own


Here is an example of how I can make you a personal golf specific plan, with a video made so you can follow along at home.  Great for people who travel or live too far away to drop in

Program outline: a written plan that you can follow

Speaking engagements for golf fitness and how to great explosive power: have Tyler come to your club and talk to memebers about the benifits of golf fitness and how they can improve their games 

Home? Gym? Traveling? NO excuses! I have a program for you.


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